Nail Services

This service includes nail polishing, nail shaping, exfoliation, hand massage and nail painting in a variety of shades of your choice.

Eye Lashes

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular giving length, volume and the desired curvature even to women who have very thin / weak lashes.

Make Up

The right makeup can make us look and feel sexy, stylish, fresh and define the image we want to bring out.

Special Services

Your wedding day is as special and unique to us as it is to you!
Our team is committed to curating the hairstyle and makeup of the most beautiful day of your life!

Hair Care

What better than an experienced hairdresser in your area when you need a hairstyle for any occasion (wedding, christening, formal dinner, business meeting etc).


Our hands are the most used part of our body. Yet, it’s the most neglected one. Who likes to have dry, chapped and damaged hands! But unfortunately who takes care of them as they deserve. Don’t be the stepmother to your hands. Use our hand creams and show your love to them.

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